Rockville Hometown Holidays

Rockville Hometown Holidays

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Event Participation

76th Annual Memorial Day Parade

The parade will take place on Monday, May 25 at 10:30 a.m.  Applications will be available on Monday, February 3.

Community Group Participation

The Community group area is open to non-profits who provide services to the Rockville Community.

Taste of Rockville

Participate as a restaurant at the Taste of Rockville at Hometown Holidays.

Political Group Participation


Current elected officials may participate in parades sponsored by the City of Rockville, including City of Rockville and other municipal, county, state and federal elected officials.

Candidates for City of Rockville Mayor and Council offices may participate in parades if they are certified to appear on the ballot by the City’s Board of Supervisors of Elections. For the Memorial Day parade, participants must be certified by May 15.

Individuals who are not elected officials and are candidates for non-City of Rockville elected office may not participate in parades sponsored by the City of Rockville. Please review the City of Rockville Campaign Policy for additional information.

Onsite Booth Space

Political organizations, elected officials, or candidates may register for onsite booth space by completing and application and paying a fee. Applications will be available on March 2.